About the author

Raul Marinho

Raul Marinho

Aeronautical business consultant expert in ANAC regulations. I help aviation companies and professionals to go beyond their limits by understanding the regulatory environment and designing strategic innovationg plans.

  • Business Administrator & Commercial Airplane Pilot
  • RMCAero – Raul Marinho & Associados Aeronautical Consulting Managing Partner
  • ABAG – Brazilian Association of General Aviation Technical Manager
  • Instituto Para Ser Piloto Chairman
  • BGAST – Brazilian General Aviation Operational Safety Group Vice President
  • Aeromedical Transport Services Technical Committee General Manager
  • Columnist for several publications specialized in aviation and author of books on the aeronautical market
  • Brazilian Air vForce Honorary Member
  • SIPAER – Aeronautical Accident Prevention System Prize Winner in 2021


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